18 January 2017

Address: 625000, Tuymen City, Pervomaiskaia str. 34/1

Phone No. (3452) 42-74-61, fax. 42-77-49

E-mail: dsto@72to.ru

Head of department: Gramotin Dmitriy Viktorovich

Main areas of activity of the sports department of Tuymen region:

- Elaboration, coordination and implementation of the concerted regional state policy in physical culture and sports, supplementary education (in physical culture and sports) in Tuymen region.
-Arrangement and execution of official regional physical training activities and official cross-municipal physical and sports events.
-Approval of procedures of sports teams formation and provision in Tuymen region.
-Participation in provision of sports reserve training for national sports teams of the Russian Federation, in arrangement and running of cross-regional, Russia-wide and international sports competitions and trainings of national sports teams of the Russian Federation held in Tuymen region.
-Assignment of athletic titles and qualification grades of sport  referees in accordance with the section 22 of the Federal law № 329-FZ  of 04.12.2007 "On physical culture and sport in the Russian  Federation".
-Execution of state accreditment of regional sports  federations, suspension, resumption and termination of state  accreditation of a regional sports federation in accordance with the current legislation.
-Taking actions aiming at the development of physical culture and sports  for the disabled, adapted physical education and adaptive sports in Tuymen region.
-Provision of activity of regional sports training centers.
-Development  of children and youth sports for the purposes of creation of conditions for national sports teams of Tuymen region and sports reserve for sports teams of Tuymen region.
-Assistance in development of mass sports, high performance sport.
-Assistance in development of professional sports through government support to physical and sports organizations, which mainly focus on the development of professional sports.
-Assistance  to national sports teams of Tuymen region in training for the official Russia-wide, cross-regional and regional sports events and in participation in them by means of government support to regional sports  federations in accordance with the Federal law № 329-FZ of 04.12.2007  "On physical culture and sport in the Russian Federation" and laws and  regulations of Tuymen region.
-Assistance in development of school and student sports.
-Assistance in advocacy of physical culture, sports and healthy life style.
-Taking  social support measures as required by the law № 331 of Tuymen region of 28.12.2004 "On social support of certain categories of citizens in Tuymen region", that address citizens constantly residing in Tuymen region and who greatly contributed to the development of physical  culture and sports, as well as employees at physical culture and sports  organizations, at health and fitness, sports and sports and technical  constructions in accordance with Tuymen region government policy.
-Payments of regional bonuses, scholarships and taking other incentive and supportive measures in the field of physical culture and sports for citizens and legal bodies in accordance with Tuymen region government policy.
-Approval of regulations (policy) on the official physical culture events and sports competitions in Tuymen region, requirements to their contents.
-Arrangement of national sports development, as well as establishing procedures on how to hold national sports events, developing in Tuymen region.

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