Address: 625004, Tyumen, 45, Volodarskogo str.

Tel. +7 (3452) 42-71-81, fax 42-71-82


Director of department: Belyavsky Pavel Viktorovich

Main activities of department of public relations, communications and youth policy of the Tyumen region:

- population informing on activities of governor, government and executive authorities of the Tyumen region and taken by them decisions, social and economic development of the Tyumen region, important processes and events happening in region’s life;

- prevention of advocacy of violence, pornography, social and national strife, manifestation of extremism in mass media;

- opinion study on the major social and economic problems, the analysis of regional socio-political situation, advancing of suggestions on this basis;

- social monitoring of government programs’ implementation in the Tyumen region;

- arrangement and holding the working and training seminars, extension courses for media men of the Tyumen region, participation in development and implementation of actions for career guidance, introduction to the specialty, fundamental journalism for students of general, professional and higher educational agencies;

- creation and development of network of the regional specialized organizations working with children and youth;

- arrangement of leisure and leisure activity of minors and youth;

- support of talented children and youth, young families as well as of the veteran and other public associations for patriotic education of youth;

- creation of conditions intended for support and occupational guidance of children and youth;

- development of local lore studies and tourism for children and young people;

- researches of youth policy social situation.

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