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Development of robotics and programming in the Tyumen region


In 2015, the Center for Robotics and Automated Control Systems was established in the region in order to train engineers, including pupils from senior school classes.

Considering the current level of development of information technologies, it is important keep in mind the necessity of training specialists for this sphere, where a shortage of qualified personnel is observed. To this end, a comprehensive approach aimed at solving this problem was developed by the government of the Tyumen region in cooperation with educational institutions of various levels and potential employers.

In order to train engineering personnel including pupils from senior school classes, the Center for Robotics and Automated Control Systems of the Tyumen region was established in 2015 and today comprises 14 school high-tech laboratories, a design laboratory and a prototyping center.

Robolab and "IT Lab" school laboratories for robotics and programming are the first solid step to train young engineers. "IT Lab" pupils receive practical-target training based on the program "Fundamentals of object-oriented Java programming and engineering of Android mobile applications", "Scratch and Python programming". The final project is to develop and post your application in Google Play.

In Robolab, pupils solder, saw, cut components of their own robot on a laser machine tool. The final project is to create a robot with own hands.

Next step is for the Center to train students, undergraduate and graduate students in "Design Lab". Here, young specialists are working on the Tyumen companies’ orders.

Cooperation of the Center with the region-based companies, which introduce young people to real problems and demands, is the most important advantage. Thus, the students of the Center can evaluate demand for their knowledge and scope of their practical application.

The Center plans to train not less than 840 children per year.

Also, in 2016 the championship in robotics and programming was launched for the Cup of the Governor of the Tyumen region, where engineering talents and unique ideas, including those developed by students of the Centre, are revealed in sharp competition.

Two regional universities also take an active part in the project. In 2015, degree in "Robotechnics and Mechatronics" was offered, and research laboratory, department of business process automation were opened. Today, students of this Department can improve their skills by having practical training in the Interregional Resource Center, which offers a 10% quota of high-tech spaces for students. Interregional Resource Center was launched in 2016 in Tyumen to solve tasks aimed at development and technical support of the software for complex automation of medical institutions’ activity in the Tyumen region and throughout Russia.

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