As for the preschool education growth of children's population is noted in the region, at the same time the satisfaction of needs of children of preschool age at the level of 95% is kept.

As of 1.10.2016:

•  523 educational institutions render services of preschool education (100,9 thousand children, 12,9 thousand employees, 4,7 thousand of them are kindergarten teachers), including:

- 516 municipal educational agencies that comprise:

•  111 nursery schools,

•  34 branches of nursery schools,

•  9 educational centres "primary school –nursery",

• 362 schools with preschool groups,

- 7 non-state educational organizations.

In 2015 the federal project on the upgrade of regional systems of preschool education (URSPE) came to the end. During three years the Tyumen region was subsidized from federal budget for creation of new vacancies for the organization of preschool education. As a result within the scope of the project 5715 new vacancies were created and 14 new preschool institutions are put into operation. Since the year 2016 the project implementation is continued by regional authorities (as of 1.10.2016, 378 vacancies are created).

A 100% coverage of children aged from 3 to 7 years by the preschool education achieved in September 2012 is stably kept. That of children aged from 1 to 7 years makes 79%, from 1 to 3 years - 60% (the day nurseries are created).

As on 1.10.2016 2384 children up to 3 years from full-day groups of nursery schools remain uncovered, including 1948 children in Tyumen city (at the same time all children have an opportunity of receiving the preschool educational service in variable form).

Traditionally implemented package of measures of various support to the non-state preschool organizations and private entrepreneurs providing the services to children of preschool age promotes development of network of private nursery schools and increasing of range of services in the scope of preschool education. As of 1.10.2016, 47 private preschool agencies (in the year 2015 – 28) are open which are visited by more than 3 thousand children.

As for the system of general education the number of first graders keeps on growing (2016 – 22 thousand children, 2015 – 20 thousand children) in the region, at the same time the share of pupils studying in the afternoon keeps on level of 11-12%.

As of 20.9.2016:

481 general education institutions including 199 – legal entities, 282 branches (180 thousand pupils, 17,1 thousand employees, 9,7 thousand of them are teachers) that comprise:

- 475 public and municipal general education organizations (including 4 evening and 17 remedial schools),

- 6 non-state general education institutions.

In 2015 in the Tyumen region four new schools (with preschool departments)in Vagai and Uvat districts were opened, the gymnasium № 16 in Tyumen city, regional special physics and mathematics school, the construction of 1500 seat school in "Vostochny-2" neighbourhood is presently carried out. In school №181 running repairs are made, in 2 schools the capital repairs are complete, in 12 schools selective capital repairs are carried out.

The system of training highly qualified engineering personnel and selection of talented technically thinking children is actively built:

• the subject specialization is determined for 53 comprehensive schools which became the resource organizations for 5 areas (physics and mathematics – 7 schools, natural sciences – 5 schools, information and technologies – 7 schools, social and humanitarian – 10 schools, agro-technological – 24 schools);

• the regional special physics and mathematics school is opened (since 2016 some measures are taken to add chemistry and biology to main profile);

• the regional project "Center of robotics and automated control systems" is realized within which:

- in the Tyumen industrial park the Center of prototyping opened;

- the network of centers of youth innovative creation and robotics on the basis of schools and supplementary education institutions (18 centers, 3700 students) is created;

- the network educational cluster on development of robotics and IT programming is founded (5 years of robotics – “Robo-lab”, 9 years of programming – “IT lab”);

- the regional children's contest "My IT Idea" and the governor's cup regional robotics and programming championship is held;

• 18 classes of corporate partnership (Tyumen city - OJSC “NOVATEK”, the Uvat district - OJSC “ROSNEFT”, Tobolsk city, the Uvat and Vagai districts - PJSC “SIBUR HOLDING”) are opened.

The system of professional education as of 1.10.2016 includes 25 institutions:

• 18 organizations of professional education, 16 of them are regional and 2 private (23,4 thousand students altogether);

• 6 organizations of higher education (70,5 thousand students);

• 1 organization of supplementary professional education (Tyumen state institute of regional education development).

In the region is created the main higher education institution based on merging of oil & gas and architecture & construction universities – the Tyumen industrial university.

The Tyumen state university worked out the long-term programme on international competitiveness development and improvement. According to the results of a meeting of Council of experts of national project “5-100” which took place in Vladivostok the Tyumen state university personally supported by the Governor of the region has defended the appropriate programme and became one of the winners (along with five leading Russian higher education institutions).

During the visit to the Tyumen region of Lower Saxony land delegation headed by the prime minister Stephan Weil the opening of Center of lifelong agrarian education in Yalutorovsk city took place (joint project of DEULA-Nienburg academy, Germany and the Yalutorovsk agrarian college for training the advanced specialists for agricultural enterprises).

On the basis of a branch of industrial university the Professional training center for working personnel of the Tobolsk industrial platform of “SIBUR” company was opened. In September, 2015 in Tyumen the regional session of the Stanford Russian-American forum was held in which 60 students from the best Russian and American universities participated.

Within the All-Russian contest of best practices of training the highly skilled workers and mid-ranking specialists for regional economies the Tyumen water transport college became the winner in the nomination "Ensuring the compliance of graduates’ qualification to demands of economy".

WorldSkills movement is actively promoted in the region.

- in March the Second open youth professional skill championship “WorldSkills Russia Tyumen” took place and it concerned 14 competences (in 2004 only 6 competences were presented). In the Third championship the professional skill was shown by students and young workers already in 21 competences;

- the Tyumen region team took 9 prize-winning places in the WorldSkills championship of the Ural federal district (4 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze medals);

- in May the team of Tyumen region participated in the national championship WorldSkills Russia Kazan – 2015 in 5 competences and showed good results - two gold and one bronze medals. Gold was won by Vadim Egner in "Bricklaying" competence, Victor Krasikov in "IT. Software solutions for business" competence, the bronze medal was won by Alexey Klopotnoy in "Wire bonding” competence;

- the final of National championship “Young professionals” (WorldSkills Russia 2016) held in Moscow region brought 5 medals to regional team: 2 gold medals in "Software solutions for business" (The Tyumen state university) and in "Bricklaying" competences (The Tyumen industrial university), 1 silver medal in “Painting and decorative works” competence (The Tyumen technical school of construction and municipal economy) and 2 bronze medals in "Wire bonding” (Agrotechnological college) and “Carpentry” competences (The Tyumen forestry engineering technical school).

Within the Second open youth professional skill championship “WorldSkills Russia Tyumen” the competitions “JuniorSkills” in "Mobile Robotics" competence for pupils of 10-17 years age took place.

140 children from 29 schools of 9 municipal districts as well as the teams of the Tyumen Presidential cadet school, Children’s creation center "Galaktika" (“Galaxy”) of the Sladkovskoye district, the House of creativity and sport "Pioneer", Independent non-profit organization “Sfera” (“Sphere”) have participated in competitions.

Following the results of competitions the winner teams were chosen which represented the Tyumen region in the First National juniors’ championship “JuniorSkills” within the scope of the National championship of working professions “WorldSkills” in Kazan city. Teams of the Tyumen schools №41 and №92 won gold and silver medals respectively in "Mobile Robotics" competence.

According to the results of federal contest the Tyumen region has acquired the right to create the Interregional center of competences co-financed from the federal budget. The center is created on the basis of the Tyumen technical school of catering, commerce and service.

Contacts of authority supervising the branch