Priorities of the regional governmen include, among others, formation of a healthy lifestyle, engagement of the Tyumen region residents in physical fitness and sports activities (on the basis of their places of residence, education and work), improvement of sports reserves' training and develoment of world-class sports.

Today, every fourth person living in the Tyumen region does sport on a regular basis. This number has doubled within 10 years.

In that period around 400 sport facilities have been built and renovated in the region. They include special facilities, such as indoor track, “Geolog” stadium, judo centre, “Zodchiy” swimming pool, “Priboy” centre, tennis centre, “Partikom” sport palace, “Zhemchuzhina Sibiri” ski biathlon complex, Tikhonov Uvat ski biathlon complex and Zavodoukovsk “Sosnovyy Bor” ski biathlon complex. As for general sport facilities, they include sport complexes in the towns of Tobolsk, Ishim, Yalutorovsk and Zavodoukovsk, Golyshmanovo industrial community, settlements of Isetskoye, Nizhnyaya Tavda, Vagay, Uporovo and Borovsky of Tyumen district and in Bolshoye Sorokino settlement and Pamyatnoye village of Yalutorovsk district.

Each year, about 450 district, regional and national events are held in the region. 

About 50 international competitions were held in the Tyumen region over 10 years, including the Biathlon World Cup stage, the Judo World Championship in absolute weight category, the Summer Biathlon Championship, the Dance Sports World Championship among ensembles (European program), the World Kettlebell Lifting Championship, the Biathlon Europe Championship, the Bodybuilding and Body Fitness Europe Championship, Dance Sports World Championship among ensembles (Latina program), the International Grand Prix Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament in honor of M. Poddubny, the World Masters Judo Tournament, the International Biathlon Competitions Prize of the Governor of the Tyumen region etc.

Tyumen athletes won 16 medals at four winter and two summer Olympic games since 2006, including: one gold (Albina Akhatova, 2006, biathlon), six silver (Rustam Totrov, 2012, Greco-Roman wrestling; Yuliya Efimova, 2016, swimming (2 medals); Alexander Bolshunov, 2018, cross-country skiing; Alexander Bolshunov and Denis Spirov, 2018, cross-country skiing (2 medals: relay and team sprint)) and nine bronze (Albina Akhatova, 2006, biathlon (2 medals); Nikolay Morilov, 2010, cross-country skiing; Natalia Korosteleva, 2010, cross-country skiing; Yuliya Efimova, 2012, swimming; Evgeny Garanichev, 2014, biathlon; Natalia Kuzyutina, 2016, judo; Alexander Bolshunov, 2018, cross-country skiing; Denis Spirov, 2018, cross-country skiing).

Physically challenged Tyumen athletes are the real heroes pushing the limits of human abilities in spite of any circumstances. Visually impaired skiers and biathlonists Lyubov Vasilieva, Nikolay Polukhin, Elena Remizova, Yulia Chokhlaeva (Budaleeva) and Stanislav Chokhlaev won 30 medals (11 gold, 14 silver and 5 bronze) at three Paralympic Games (in 2006, 2010 and 2014). Igor Plotnikov, also called “the Tyumen dolphin”, won the gold medal in swimming at the 2008 Summer Paralympic Games in Beijing (China). Within those years hearing-impaired athletes have won 3 gold medals (Georgiy Pleshkevich, volleyball, 2009; Roman Lukianov, ice hockey, 2015; Konstantin Grebenshchikov, athletics, 2017), 2 silver medals (Georgiy Pleshkevich, volleyball, 2013; Konstantin Grebenshchikov, athletics, 2017) and 1 bronze medal (Roman Kulikov, athletics, 2009).

Since 2012, the Tyumen region is in the top five best regions and in the top three federal subjects of Russia under 2 million people in the rating of federal subjects of Russia by its indicators of development of physical fitness and sports. For the last three years, the region is the leader in its group.

Contacts of the authority body governing the field: The Physical Fitness, Sports and Supplementary Education Department of the Tyumen Region