The youth population of the Tyumen region aged 14 to 30 years makes up more than 300 thousand people, i.e. more than 20% of total population. Besides, the regional Youth Policy Department supervises the network of additional education institutions supplementing the infrastructure of youth organizations. Therefore the target audience is increased and includes the children aged 5 to 13 years. Thus, the total population of youth target group is more than 30% of total population.

The priority tasks of youth policy of the Tyumen region are the patriotic and spiritual and moral education of the younger generation, forming young people’s civic consciousness and social activity, promotion of their business activity and competitiveness, assistance to self-fulfillment and social growth of children and young people, support of talented youth, development of supplementary education.

Every year more than 100 regional, interregional and All-Russian events are held in the region for children and youth, namely: Federal school of student government "PROdvizhenie" (“PROmotion”), youth military patriotic festival "Saturday of St. Dimitry", the Tyumen segment of Stanford Russian-American forum, regional festival "Student spring", regional league of the Tyumen region "ZAPSIB" of International Union KVN (Club of cheery and sharp-witted people), "Summer extreme session", "KIT-picnic", School of theatre leader etc. The youth information portal "" continues to work.

The young people’s social movement is growing. The Council of Young Scientists and Experts, the Youth Public Chamber, Regional Student Council, Regional Rescue Center, Sport Support Fund, Russian School Students’ Movement and other youth organizations are open in the region.

In our region we have the system of support and advancing of talents, the regional base of talented children and youth is created. The list of measures of support and promotion of Tyumen region’s talented children and youth is drawn up. Practically every second child of the region gets the additional education. Since 2017 the science and technology park for children “Quantorium” and Model center of supplementary education will be open in the region.

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