10 April 2019

Since 2008, the Russian Forum "E-Government – a Modern Mechanism of Regional Management" and the special "INFOTECH" Information Technologies Exhibition are held in the Tyumen region every year.

In 2018 the event changed its name. Tyumen Digital Forum and "INFOTECH" Information Technologies Exhibition traditionally take place in autumn as a part of the regional IT-week. The purpose of the Exhibition/Forum is to create an effective platform for sharing experience in the implementation of federal and regional projects in the digital economy, and for interaction of government officials and IT companies in order to introduce the most successful IT practices.

The discussion part of the event is intended for representatives of authorities of various levels, leading Russian and international IT companies and for discussing new technologies and prospects of the industry. The exhibition part of the event is intended both for professionals and ordinary citizens and provides an opportunity to get to know in practice the innovations of the IT world.

The event has become popular over the years: the number of participants increases, the geography expands, the number of foreign speakers and visitors grows every year.

In October 2018, the event took place for the eleventh time. More than 2,500 people visited the event. One of the main events of the Forum was the signing of a tripartite agreement on the development of the project "Smart Region" in the Tyumen region. The agreement was signed by Alexander Moor, Governor of the Tyumen region, Sergey Gusev, Vice-President, Director of Ural Macro-Regional Branch of Rostelecom PJSC, and Veronika Efremova, Acting Rector of the Tyumen Industrial University.

12 discussion platforms and round tables, over 50 exhibition booths representing IT trends were working for two days and around 10 interactive master classes were held for participants and visitors of the Exhibition/Forum.