11 April 2019

Considering the current level of IT development, it is crucial to remember the need to train specialists in this area, which is always in demand for highly qualified personnel. With this in mind, the government of the Tyumen region in collaboration with educational institutions of various levels and potential employers has developed an integrated approach to solve the issue.

In order to train technical specialists, starting from senior classes of school, in 2015 the region opened the Centre for Robotics and Automated Control Systems of the Tyumen Region, presently represented by 15 high-tech school laboratories, a design laboratory and a prototyping centre.

"RoboLab" and "ITLab" school laboratories for robotics and programming are the first serious steps in the education of young engineers. At the "ITLab" schoolchildren are engaged in practice-oriented training in the programmes "Fundamentals of Java Object-Oriented Programming and the Development of Android Mobile Applications" and "Scratch and Python Programming". The final project: development and release of their own application on Google Play.

At the "RoboLab" schoolchildren are studying robotics. They solder, saw, laser cut and turn parts for their own robot. The final project: hand made robot.

The next stage of education at the Centre is the training of applicants, students and postgraduates at the ProjectLab design laboratory. Young specialists here develop products for enterprises of the Tyumen region.

A large practical component of the Centre is cooperation with enterprises of the region, where young people learn the real tasks and needs. This way, the students of the Centre can assess the relevance of their knowledge and the scope of their application.

The Centre plans to engage more than 840 children annually.

Also, in 2016, the Robotics and Programming Championship for the Cup of the Governor of the Tyumen Region was launched; a serious competition reveals engineering talents and perfects unique ideas, including those developed by the students of the Centre.

Two regional institutes of higher education are taking active part in the project: in 2015, the region introduced a new specialty "Robotics and Mechatronics", launched research laboratories and the Department of Business Processes Automation. Presently, students of the Department are able to improve their proficiency in a practical way at the Interregional Resource Centre, which assigns 10% of high-tech positions to students. The Interregional Resource Centre was opened in Tyumen in 2016 to meet the challenges of development and technical support of software for complex automation of medical institutions in the Tyumen region and in Russia.

Students and teachers of the Centre for Robotics and Automated Control Systems actively participate in various federal and regional competitions. Moreover, they organize these competitions. For example, since 2016 the city of Tyumen has been hosting regional stage of the federal RoboCup competition. The founder of the RoboCup competition is the Federal State Autonomous Scientific Institution "Central Research and Development Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics".

RoboCup Tyumen includes the following categories:

    • Seeker (10-14 y.o. inclusive)

    • Extreme (10-16 y.o. inclusive)

    • Extreme Pro (over 17 y.o.)

At the competition, the participants are assigned with a testing ground, which sections simulate various obstacles, from rough terrain to results of disaster (such as earthquake, tsunami, landslides, etc.). The robot must pass as many sections of the testing ground as possible in the limited time, fulfilling the tasks.